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Helmets Off

Jan 11, 2018

Former University of Utah offensive lineman, who is currently with the San Francisco 49ers.  He went to Hillcrest High School but his parents were from Wyoming.  So, Zane had to choose between Utah and Wyoming.  It was a very easy choice since he was a fan of the Utes since he was a kid.  Zane played on the 2008 BCS Busting team that beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  Can the Utes get the magic back and be a contender?  Zane thinks that the current Utah team can be that good but just need to finish.  Zane recalls the 2008 team being full of guys who loved the game of football.  So much that he doesn’t think that they needed coaches.

Zane was drafted to the Denver Broncos and played on the offensive line when Peyton Manning was in Denver.  Zane learned so much from Peyton and how much he prepared and worked.  Playing with a guy like that always gave the team confidence.  He also played with Tim Tebow.  Tim was just a great football overall.  He was able to rally the team and make some plays.  He just couldn’t sit in the pocket and throw the ball downfield. 

What is so different about college and the NFL.  You have so much more time to detail and gameplan and watch film because it is your job.  But in College, you don’t nearly get as much time with your teammates. 

The hardest guy for Zane to block is Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams.  He is so big and strong and moves so well.  You know you have to bring your lunch pale with him.

Zane had some adjustments in his career.  He was very successful at Utah, he also played with some good teams with the Denver Broncos.  It started going downhill as far as winning when he went to Jacksonville and now San Francisco.  It was tough for him to adjust but knew that he had a job to do and had to perform no matter what.