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Helmets Off

Apr 21, 2018

Any vulnerability isn't easy for anyone to cope with. But those who were successful who can before you have struggled with adversity just as much. How did they get over it? How did Babe Ruth become the celebrated home run king? How did Walt Disney become a household name? How did Michael Jordan become the greatest basketball player of all time? How did Curt Brinkman become a winner of the Boston Marathon, while being in a wheelchair? They all had something to look toward, and they thrived on the vulnerabilities they had been presented with. Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell delves into some of these hardships they have had to struggle with, and how they were able to find success through their strength in vulnerability.

Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop of all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck.

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