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Helmets Off

Apr 18, 2018

Every day, Scott takes Mo for a walk.  Mo is a 90lb yellow lab.  He's an indoor dog and he loves life.  

In taking Mo for a walk, Scott noticed something.  Mo always "does his business".  He gets back on his haunches and does it.  In that moment, he has a real focus and determination.    

In our lives, in our most vulnerable times, it's important to have some real determination and focus.  We don't want people to see that we're vulnerable.

We try to cover our vulnerability.  

Scott learned a lot about this when he was on The Biggest Loser.  He had to get up on a literal pedestal and be totally vulnerable.

You have to learn to be strong in your vulnerability.

When he played professional football, Scott had to be on all the time.  He could never show weakness.  That's a difficult place to be.

Weakness is an important part of success because eventual success requires some failure.  

Failure is a great blessing in our life.  Having a willingness to surrender and admit your not perfect is key.

As a youth, Scott had a chance to hear Kurt Brinkman speak.  Brinkman lost both of his legs in an electrical accident then went on to win the Boston Marathon.  It's an amazing story.

Michael Jordan was cut from his 9th grade basketball team.  Can you imagine if he had quit basketball?

Walt Disney filed for bankruptcy 5 times.  He struggled so much.  But he owned it.  He stayed strong at vulnerable times.