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Helmets Off

Dec 1, 2017

Alex Smith goes 5-0 for the Kansas City Chiefs, then goes on a big losing skid.  Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell knows exactly what he's going through. He has been there.

Both Scott and Alex came from University of Utah.  And Scott remembers the point of his career where NFL fans called for his head.

When you're the 1st round NFL draft pick, you have a short window.  You're supposed to be the most ready to play at the NFL level.  You can't start slow.  When the 1st picks can't live up to the hype, the fall is dramatic and sometimes unrecoverable.

Alex Smith was the 1st pick for the San Francisco 49ers and sat on the bench behind Colin Kaepernick.  Then he was moved to the Kansas City Chiefs where he was placed with one of the great coaches Andy Reid.  Coach Reid is the best coach for developing quarterbacks.  Alex could not have gone to a better place.

It is so difficult to win a Super Bowl.  Look at all the great quarterbacks that never won. Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Jim Kelly, Matthew Stafford, Drew Bledsoe, and others.  You can still be a great quarterback without a world championship ring.

Being a quarterback in the NFL is like driving a Ferrari.  It's an amazing machine full of intricate parts.  If they're not all firing correctly, the Ferrari becomes a Kia.

Alex Smith has folks breathing down his neck.  Some people say he plays too conservatively.  That he's "check down charlie".  Even Steve Young thinks the Chiefs need to challenge Smith to take a few more risks and get more aggressive.