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Helmets Off

May 18, 2018

There is a broad spectrum of coaches in the NBA.  A few of them are well known but some of them are totally invisible.  Some are former players like Pat Riley or Phil Jackson or Jerry Sloan.

Frank Layden was a legend who didn't play professionally.  Quinn Snyder played at Duke but not in the NBA. 

It's hard to know from where you get good coaches.  They seem to come from all over. 

This year the Coach of the Year was Dwayne Casey of Toronto Raptors.

Good: Quinn Snyder is good.  He's a good coach.  Look at what he's done to build the Jazz.  Gordon Hayward left for the Boston Celtics and broke all Jazz hearts.

They started the season with lots of injuries and losses.  Everyone was talking about tanking.  They were last place in the conference and it was ugly.  There was an argument to be made they should tank and get a good draft pick.

The second half of the season was magic.  They went 29-6 in the second half.  It was crazy.  Joe Ingles, Donovan Mitchell, Ricky Rubio, all became great players this season and became a great team.

Better:  Brad Edwards of the Boston Celtics.  Gordon Hayward actually played for Brad Edwards in college.  Edwards pulled Hayward to Boston.  Hayward immediately went down with a horrific  and painful season ending injury.

The Celtics had a rough year.  They lost some key players and now they're on the way to the NBA Finals.  They're up on Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Celtics look similar to the Jazz.  They are balanced, play good defense, share the ball on offense.

Worst: Dwayne Casey, formerly of the Toronto Raptors.  Casey made the Raptors winners.  He brought Toronto to the playoffs several straight years.  This year they lost early in the playoffs to Lebron James and now Casey is fired.  By the way, he won Coach of the Year this year.  And was fired. That's the worst.