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Helmets Off

Nov 28, 2017

You don't fire the only Heisman Trophy winner your school has ever produced.  That's what BYU Head Coach Kalani Sitake did.  Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell believes Brigham Young University made a huge mistake.

His firing was foolish for these reasons:

1. You still have the old regime players.  BYU should have given Ty a chance to rotate in his own recruits.  Ty wanted a pro- style offense instead of the spread offense.  Sitake should have given him the chance.

2.  The BYU offense was hit with an unusual number of injuries to important positions.  That can't be all Ty Detmer's fault.  The injuries made an already difficult transition totally impossible.

3.  Ty Detmer is a good football coach.  He understands football in a way you can only understand if you're a quarterback.  As quarterback you understand both sides of the ball.  You know the sport better than anyone else on the field.  

4. Detmer is one of the most beloved figures in BYU football history.  Kalani Sitake will never have that stature.  This feels like a power struggle.  Some coaches feel threatened by people around them.  They're trying to preserve a career and livelihood and insecurity can play a role.