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Helmets Off

Jun 1, 2018

Scott does a lot of interviews on Helmets Off. He always asks the interviewee to reveal who the most influential person in their life is outside of immediate family and spouse. Here are a few of Scott's: Gifford Nielsen was a big deal at BYU near where Scott grew up. He was drafted by Houston Oilers, now Tennessee Titans, and went on to a successful broadcasting career. Scott's dad took Scott to Texas to see the Oilers play. He got a game ball and was able to meet Gifford Nielsen. Scott stayed in touch with Gifford over the years. They even roomed together at a football camp. Gifford really took the time to get to know Scott and encourage him. Shawn Akina is another influential person. He was a walk-on to the University of Utah football team the same year Scott started there. During conditioning, they ran gassers. You run across the width of the field twice each way. You're also timed, so you have to keep up the pace. If you miss the time you have to run an extra one.  Shawn would dive at the end in order to make the time. He really struggled with it. Shawn gave it everything he had and was always really beat up. One Saturday, Shawn was in the weight room when he had a heart attack and died. Scott was also a big Dale Murphy fan. Baseball was Scott's first love.  He had cable tv and that let him watch Atlanta Braves games on TBS. Helmets Off is hosted by former NFL and University of Utah quarterback, Scott Mitchell. During Helmets Off you get to be a fly on the wall for candid conversations and personal moments. You can find Helmets Off on Facebook at and on Twitter @HelmetsOffShow. Photo: Deseret News