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Helmets Off

May 30, 2018

The PAC 12 is off right now. They just had their worst season in years. They were 1 in 8 in bowl games. Nine of the 12 teams went to bowl games. Only Utah won. That's crazy for a Power 5 conference. The way they schedule conference games, all of the other Power 5 conferences play fewer conference opponents. They get an extra "cupcake", or easy game. That gives them something of a late season break. The PAC 12 has a much harder time. They play more challenging conference games. They're beating themselves up. Last year, no PAC 12 team had fewer than three losses. The other problem is revenue. Big 10 and SEC bring in significantly more revenue per team. This is important because it makes it easier to recruit great coaches. Great coaches make all the difference in college football. Here's the thing: Last year the PAC 12 brought in record earnings. But they spend more money at the conference level and less money goes to teams. In other college news: The NCAA is looking at expanding March Madness. Right now the tournament includes 68 teams. Now they want to expand it to 72. The would have two "first four" rounds. This year, the PAC 12 didn't advance any team beyond the second round. Utah went to the NIT finals. Could they have done well in an expanded NCAA tournament? Only 19 percent of all college basketball programs get to the tournament. Expanding it by 4 teams would kick that up to 20%. This would be cool because we've seen surprising teams peak during the tournament and become great Cinderella stories. Jim Harbaugh, head coach at Michigan Wolverines has an idea for deferred compensation for college football players. Put money into an account that can accrue interest. Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop on all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck. You can find Helmets Off on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and YouTube at https://bit.l