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Helmets Off

Dec 9, 2017

Former NFL Quarterback and Helmets Off Host Scott Mitchell talks about the issues regarding Thursday Night Football.  Many NFL players have voiced their displeasure with the Thursday football game.  New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees is the latest.

Scott talks about how long it takes the players to recover from week to week and that 4 days isn't enough.  Teams are not 100% healthy by the time that Thursday comes and the quality of play is worse.  The teams do look forward to 10 days off following the game.

Players say that the risk of injury of higher is on Thursday night games compared to Sunday.  That is not the case.  The league is talking about expanding the regular season and eliminating the preseason.  That discussion will come up in the 2020 CBA meetings.

Scott always looked forward to Thursday games, especially when the Lions would play on Thanksgiving which is a tradition in Detroit.

The San Diego Union-Tribune stated that the injuries are not from the day of the game, it's the difference in playing on artificial surface compared to grass fields.  Just like for the 1994 World Cup, the benefit is always playing on natural grass.  It felt really good for the players.  The San Diego outlet says that the solution is to add an additional bye week in the NFL.  But you don't extend the season, you just eliminate one preseason game.  So 3 preseason games instead of 4.  You get a bye week early in the season and one late in the season.  This will let players adjust to playing on Thursday night because you don't have the short turnaround.  A plus is that this will add additional revenue for the NFL.

Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop of all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck.

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