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Helmets Off

Mar 26, 2018

This year, Scott was one of the many, many Americans to pick Virginia in the final four.  Also, Purdue, Kansas, and West Virginia.  Not a bad pick.

The Cinderella stories are the fun part of March Madness.  At least Scott still has Kansas.

There's another tournament going on as well.  The NIT, National Invitation Tournament.  Scott's alma mater, Utah, is gunning for that trophy.  They're in the final four of that tournament and are going to Madison Square Garden.

So, no one cares about the NIT until their team starts doing well there.

It's easier for Scott to watch basketball than football.  He's less analytical about it and it's better entertainment.  He loves football, but it's not always easy for him to watch.

The Utah Jazz played Golden State Warriors, but the top Warriors players stayed out of the game.  They basically surrendered and the Jazz killed them.