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Helmets Off

Mar 26, 2018

Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell looks back at the first year of the show.  Recently dropped by Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  It was his first visit.  

There are certain things you really have to go see... The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Mount Rushmore.  In this episode are the athletes that belong on the Helmets Off Mount Rushmore.

It's an incredible site to see those faces in person.  It is such a huge accomplishment.  When you look at how much planning, design, engineering, and architectural ability went into it, it really is amazing.

He had a similar reaction seeing the statue of David.  It is huge and amazingly detailed.  The photos don't do it justice.

The thing about Mount Rushmore and the statue of David is Scott didn't expect to like either and wasn't really interested in seeing either.  He saw them because he had the opportunity and is so glad he did.

Helmets Off is kind of similar.  Scott is surprised at how much he has enjoyed doing this podcast and meeting the amazing athletes that he interviews.

Here's who belongs on his Helmets Off Mount Rushmore

Ronnie Lott: Hall of Fame, Super Bowl Champion.  He's best known for playing with the San Francisco 49ers.  When you think of Ronnie Lott, you think of a man willing to cut his finger off to keep playing football.  He had the end of one of his fingers amputated.  And it really freaked him out.  He says it gave him a sense of humility.  It was humbling to realize how much he sacrificed for football.  Others have given much more.

Rocky Bleier: Four time Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He played his rookie year then left to fight in the Vietnam War.  He was wounded in battle.  Scott asked him what it's like to fight and if it was hard to find the courage.  He said that you take your personality into battle.  So if you're a calm under pressure person, that's what you'll be.  If you're wired and high energy, you'll take that into battle.  It really brings out who you are.

John Randle: He was part of one of the great defensive lines in NFL history when he played for Minnesota Vikings.  Scott remembers playing against that defensive line.  It was brutal.  The amazing thing is that Randle wasn't drafted.  No one picked him.  He was undersized and didn't fit the traditional profile of a defensive tackle.  Now he's in the Hall of Fame.  The Vikings said they'd sign him but only if he got his weight up to 250.  No matter how hard he tried he couldn't get past 241.  On his way to the weigh in, he stopped by a hardware store and bought a chain and a lock.  He wrapped the chain around his body, locked it, covered it with his sweats and weighed in at 252.  Amazing.

Dale Murphy: Two time MLB MVP.  Legendary baseball player.  Scott grew up watching Murphy because the Atlanta Braves had a cable tv deal that brought their games all the way to Utah.  He is a good guy that really lives up to his profile.  Scott asked him about stealing baseball signs.  From the base coach, catcher, wherever.  Can you be a moral person and steal signs from the other team?  Dale pointed out that if they're willing to put those signs on public display it's not really stealing.  He didn't take them from private playbooks or the locker room, just from what they showed in public on the field.  Fair game.