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Helmets Off

Dec 8, 2017

Going back into the time machine.  Helmets Off Host Scott Mitchell reflects back on his memories of playing in the Pontiac Silver Dome that has recently been destroyed.  Even the fact that it didn't go down on the first attempt.  Talks about the cars that were in parking lot that were recalled that were blown up with the Silver Dome.

Scott looks back on the memories that were good and bad from his time as the starting Quarterback for the Detroit Lions.  He was the starters for 5 years and was getting booed each time he was introduced.  Talks about how negative the fans were towards him, even though he poured his heart and soul into Football.  

He brings up a memory of his old Quarterback coach that would get a round garbage can and make Scott throw footballs into the garbage can.

Some of the games that Scott brings up is his first game as a member of the Lions was against the Falcons.  He recalls the first play of the game and he called an audible at the line of scrimmage and threw a 17 yard slant route to Herman Moore.  That was the beginning of his time dealing with the Detroit media.  Not too many great memories that Scott has with the reporters.  Scott recalls a 4th down play on a key drive, calls a play action pass, he has to scramble out of the pocket.  He throws the ball to his tight end that resulted in a first down.  The media was very critical of that play with Scott that confused him as to why that was.  The media treated like he lost the game even though he won.  Another part of the game was when Scott came on the field on the final drive and saw fans already leaving the game before it's over.  Scott was very frustrated.  Come to find out, that wasn't the case.

Scott recalls how rough and tough that the Detroit media was compared to the Miami media.  Scott would get really frustrated.  It was to the point where Scott felt like no matter what he did was wrong.  He goes through a scrap book that his mother created for him of all of the headlines from his time in Detroit. 

Scott had the honor to play in a game that was a tradition if you were with the Detroit Lions, playing on Thanksgiving.  It was always at home back then.  His goal was to always get the Turkey leg.  Scott remembers one of the games on Thanksgiving games where he threw for over 400 yards in a win over the Minnesota Vikings.  Scott went home after the game and turned on ESPN and the tagline gave all of the credit to Barry Sanders. Scott felt that wasn't necessarily true.

Another memories features the defending Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers taking on Scott's Lions that were 0-3 coming into the Monday night contest.  Scott spoke with broadcaster Dick Stockton who told Scott that they would win the game. Scott had a meeting with management who knew that Scott wasn't the reason why they were winless through 3 games. The Lions went on to have a record setting offense after that week including beating the 49ers. 

Next memory was the game against the New England Patriots (not the dominant ones).  They were 2-1 and just beat the Dallas Cowboys, who back then was really good.  They lose to the Patriots but shouldn't have because they were that great.  Scott would go on to learn quickly that you can't sleep on the bad teams. 

Reflecting on facing a wacky defense from the Chicago Bears, something that Scott isn't used to seeing or facing.  Scott made an adjustment and would throw three straight hitch routes, which was getting positive yards.  This play would work all of the time and the defense never adjusted to the play that Scott and the Lions adjusted to. 

In 1997, it was their last game and they had to win their last two to get into the playoffs, they had to win.  It was against the New York Jets who was a decent team but not elite.  Winning team get into the playoffs.  80,000 fans making it an electric atmosphere.  On a very simple play, the Lions star linebacker breaks his neck on a weird play.  Recalled his center ran on the field when the linebacker was hurt and grabbed the ambulance.  The linebacker stopped breathing because of his neck injury and the team doctor had to give him mouth-to-mouth on the field.  Once the player was taken care, the league decides to keep playing.  The Lions won the game and made the playoffs.

Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop of all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck.

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