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Helmets Off

Aug 3, 2017

Kyle Wittingham has seen both sides of one of football's most intense rivalries: BYU v Utah.

Wittingham played for BYU where his father coached, and is now head coach for Utah.

As a Utah alum, Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell has loved watching Coach Wittingham lead the Utes to some amazing success.

Coach Wittingham is intensely focused on the players.  He knows that without the players neither he nor any of the other coaches would even have a job.

Kyle also knows that players want consistency.  That's what he tries to provide to them.  Even with everything that being in the PAC 12, new facilities etc, he just works hard to keep their football experience consistent.

Helmets Off is hosted by Scott Mitchell.  Scott was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah and a stand out QB in the NFL for Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals