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Helmets Off

May 11, 2018

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are on fire.  What's going on?  They're an expansion team staffed with cast offs from other teams.  They could win the Stanley Cup! In their first year!

What is it about hockey that opens the door for teams to win like that so early.

In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers and Florida Jaguars came into the league at the same time.  The two teams had different philosophies.  Carolina wanted to invest in early talent.  The Jaguars decided to take it on the chin early and build more naturally.

It hard to have success in the early stages of a new franchise.

Maybe it's something about the community.  The team has done a great job connecting with the people of Las Vegas in such a difficult year.

They've also had an opposing fan presence.  People on vacation go the games to see their home team.  That's prompted the local fans to cheer harder and louder.  That has to have some impact.

There's also the "Vegas flu".  When visiting teams come to Las Vegas, they get hugely distracted and that affects their game.

The Golden Knights players are also castoff from other teams.  Maybe that creates a powerful brotherhood of a little bit resentment plus something to prove.

But there is one other reason: The goalie.

When you have a goalie on fire, it trumps everything else.  You don't need a superstar, you don't need a veteran team, you just need that goalie to do great things.

Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop of all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck.

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