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Helmets Off

Mar 26, 2018

Chris Hill is retiring after 31 years as Athletic Director at University of Utah.

Chris was hired during Scott's second year on the Utah football team.

When Scott decided to play quarterback at Utah, it was an unpopular decision.  They were nowhere.  But Chris saw what Scott also saw, that the program could be great.

Scott was headed into what would have been his senior season and Chris Hill fired the head football coach Jim Fassel.  Fassel was a great coach  and went on to take the New York Giants to the Super Bowl.

Scott loved Coach Fassel, but knew Hill did the right thing.    He hired Ron McBride, who had been the O line coach at Utah before going to Arizona.  Scott decided to bail on his senior year and moved up to the NFL.

Coach McBride took the Utah football program out of obscurity.  He helped make it an elite program.

He also brought in Rick Majerus.  He was a lightning rod.  A very polarizing individual.  But he was a great coach and a great pick for Chris Hill.

Remember when Urban Meyer was a nobody?  He had had some success at Ball State, but Chris Hill saw the future.  Now Meyer is one of the all time greatest coaches in football history.

Then Chris Hill took the program to the PAC 12 out of the Mountain West Conference (MWC).  

It's been exciting to watch what Utah athletics has become under Chris Hill.

Scott asked Chris how he makes such good hiring picks.  Hill says he always asks the question: Will I miss this guy if I fire him, and will I regret not hiring this other person?