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Helmets Off

Jul 2, 2018

How much time has to pass before we talk about ALL of things going on with the Utah Jazz this off season? Not much. Because here it is. Scott breaks down why he is such a fan and why the Jazz coming to Utah meant so much for the state. Of course we take it from Gordon Hayward to Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell, the basketball one, has an infectious attitude. Scott thinks it is great and exactly what the Jazz need. Being a member of the Utah Jazz not only requires you to be an amazing player but an upstanding citizen. They have a certain type of player they look for and Scott says that is what makes the Jazz what they are. Grayson Allen, the newest member of the Jazz, has been known for being a "dirty player," but Scott reminds fans of a well known guy named John Stockton. Scott says John Stockton was one of the dirtiest players to ever play the game. In the next segment, we tackle to tougher issues like free agency and Rookie of The Year, which Scott is NOT happy about. When you hear hot spot for free agency, Salt Lake City doesn't come to mind. But should it? The Jazz are stacked going into next season, but another scoring forward would do amazing things for the team. Paul George? Donovan Mitchell is still talking to him...Scott likes this. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. Find Helmets Off on Facebook at and on Twitter @helmetsoffshow.