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Helmets Off

Sep 5, 2018

Sports are getting WHITE HOT and Terry Bradshaw is on Scott's list. We start with good... Major League Baseball playoffs are right around the corner. And the playoffs are really the only time Scott watches baseball. Man, that season is just so long. Baseball playoffs remind Scott of football. Yep, he has a one track mind. Looking at possible match ups in the baseball playoffs makes Scott excited. On to better and I think you know what is coming. The NFL season starts tomorrow when the Falcons take on the Eagles. Can the Eagles have a repeat Super Bowl? They haven't looked so hot in the pre-season. Now for the worst. One name. Terry Bradshaw. He ripped on Mike Tomlin who coaches the Steelers this week by saying he's a good cheerleader but a bad coach. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.