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Helmets Off

Mar 15, 2018

In past years, the big free agent question is answered by the top prize.  Right now though there are a lot of big quarterbacks moving around so it's kind of muddied the waters.

Alex Smith went to the Washington Redskins.  That kind of started it.  Last year you had all sorts of teams gunning for the Super Bowl but Tom Brady was the only big star quarterback.  

The journeyman quarterbacks showed they have a lot of value to teams even though they're not career long superstars.

There are a lot of teams that are close to contending for the Super Bowl if only they had one or two key players.

Drew Brees could have utilized his leverage more than he did but his move was pretty shrewd.  He signed a two year deal to stay in New Orleans with the Saints.

Peyton Manning was in a similar spot in his career one time when he came off of neck surgery.  There were questions over whether he could play anymore and he took Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl twice.

The Saints have retooled themselves and picked up a great offensive line and they have a quarterback that really understands the system.  They will be an early Super Bowl pick next season.

Understanding the system is critical.  Nick Foles wouldn't sign with anyone but the Eagles because he was wary of learning a new system.

But what about all of the trades that happened?  There's a domino effect.  You have the top free agent then everyone falls in behind them.  It's kind of like a mini draft.  That's how it usually happens.  But this year Alex Smith went first.

Why was Alex Smith traded?  Now he's learning another new system.  So we may not see a lot from him right away.  He's totally capable, but it takes time.

The other interesting trade was Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns and AJ McCarron to Buffalo Bills.  

1994 was the first full blown free agent year.  It was the year Scott became a free agent after being drafted into the Miami Dolphins four years earlier.

The team salary cap plays into free agency.  A salary cap is based on league generated revenue.  A certain percentage of that has to be used on player salaries and teams are required to spend up to a certain number.

in 1994 the salary cap was $34 million.  That's the amount a team was allowed to pay players for the year.

Now, in 2017 the salary cap is $177 million.  Kirk Cousins just signed an $84 million dollar guaranteed deal.  Almost 3x the total team salary cap in '94.

Scott Mitchell takes his helmet off to show you the inside scoop of all kinds of sports from football to even golf. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback who was a star quarterback at the University of Utah before going on to have a professional career playing with the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Thunder, the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Scott also hosts the podcast Rivals with former NFL player Jason Buck.

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