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Helmets Off

Jun 22, 2017

Ryan Longwell joins Scott Mitchell live from The Bahamas.

Ryan is a retired kicker who played for the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

Ryan brought his family to the Bahamas to start Albany Sports Academy 

They talk about raising children who are interested in different kinds of sports.  The burnout factor is real when kids focus in on one sport but Ryan believes a lot of that depends on the parents.  Keeping sports in perspective will keep your kids interested longer.

They both love golf, so Scott shared a few things he learned from his golf trainer Brian Mogg. 

Scott also asks Ryan about the difficult job kickers have to sit for so long then step into the crisis moments on the field.  Ryan's grandfather used to have season tickets to Seattle Seahawks and Ryan loved to go early and watch Norm Johnson practice.  He would then go home and practice like crazy in his backyard.

In a break from sports, Ryan reveals how difficult it is to drive in the Bahamas.  Roundabouts everywhere and you drive on the left side of the road.  

Ryan also claims that holding for his kicks will help you have a great career.  Matt Hasselbeck held for him and now has a sweet gig with ESPN, and Doug Pederson is now a head coach for Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan's most memorable kick happened when he was playing for Green Bay Packers.  Craig Hentrich was the holder.  The Packers had won the Super Bowl the year before and their home opener at Lambeau Field was a Monday Night Football game.  The first drive of the game stalled out and Ryan was called out to kick a 38 yard field goal.  As he watched the football fly through the goalposts, he realized that no matter how long his career lasted, he did it.  He played at that level.

His week 2 game was at Philadelphia.  He had kicked twelve in a row and then missed a short 28 yarder that would have won the game.  The following week against the Dolphins he walked out and hit two.  That was the game where he really believed he had the talent to stay, he just needed to learn how to be a pro.

Flying back from Philadelphia where he had missed th game winner, legendary quarterback Brett Favre walked up and said "you are so lucky".  Ryan was stunned.  Brett explained that all players will face that kind of moment and he was lucky to have it happen early.  

Ryan also remembered one of his favorite  Brett Favre moments. He was talking with Brett and GM Ron Wolf when Wolf asked what the Packers needed to get on track and back to the Super Bowl.  Brett piped up,  "I'll tell you what we need, we need a water softener in the shower."  Ryan says Brett was always the one keeping things light in the locker room even during tense times.  From his perspective, there was no better teammate than Favre

Ryan Longwell kick one game for the Seahawks at the end of his career.  Seattle was the team of his childhood and he even had his physical for the Seahawks in the same hospital where he was born.  Ryan said, "the little kid in me after sixteen years was so honored."

Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah and a stand out QB in the NFL for Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals.